NeXUS Welcomes New Scientific and Technical Staff

Karen Keller General News

With the NeXUS laser now in hand, we are excited to welcome four new members to the NeXUS scientific and technical team. These individuals bring a wealth of talent and experience to our facility:



Dr. John Beetar has joined NeXUS as our new Laser Scientist. John earned his PhD in Physics in Michael Chini’s lab at University of Central Florida. His dissertation was entitled “Tunable Few- To Many-Cycle Source for High-Order Harmonic Generation and Time-Resolved Spectroscopy”. Prior to joining NeXUS, John was a postdoctoral fellow in the Leone Laboratories at UC Berkeley.




Jacob Byron has joined us as a Laboratory Operations Analyst. Jacob joins us from the Columbus Zoo and has more than ten years’ experience with design, fabrication and maintenance of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Jacob earned his BS degree from Minnesota State University.




Dr. Omair Ghafur joined the NeXUS team in November as a postdoctoral scholar under Dr. Robert Baker. Omair completed his degree at Heriot-Watt University & University of St-Andrews in Scotland, and was previously employed as a Laser Scientist at ASTeC, Science and Technology Facilities Council in Daresbury, UK. Omair will work on the integration and validation of the LIED/ATTO end station.




Dr. Adam Jenkins joined the NeXUS team this fall as a postdoctoral scholar under Dr. Robert Baker.  Adam earned his PhD in Chemistry from University of California, Davis and was previously a postdoctoral scholar in the OSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department in Dr. Hannah Shafaat’s lab. Adam will work on the integration and validation of the XAS/XRS and Liquid Sheet subsystems.