Partnership drives innovation. NSF NeXUS is grateful to the numerous collaborators who are providing their strong support to this project. Through these collaborations NeXUS is becoming of focal point of interdisciplinary collaborations world-wide. These collaborations are aimed at advancing national research priorities in energy conversion and quantum information science and transforming the national vision of cutting-edge research.

CollaboratorInstitutionResearch Area
Yuan-Ming LuOhio State UniversityQuantum Materials
Steven CundiffMichigan UniversityQuantum Materials
Saw Wai HlaArgonne National LabElement-Resolved STM
Søren UlstrupAarhus UniversityTime-Resolved ARPES
Ron NaamanWeizmann Institute of ScienceChiral Surfaces
Rolando Valdes AguilarOhio State UniversityQuantum Materials
Roberto MyersOhio State UniversityQuantum Materials
Mohit RanderiaOhio State UniversityQuantum Materials
Michael ShatrukFlorida State UniversityMolecular Magnets
Martin SchultzMPI fur Quantum OpticsTime-resolved XMCD
Linda YoungArgonne National LabUltrafast X-Ray Spectroscopy
Kyle ShenCornell UniversityARPES
Kim DunbarTexas A&M UniversityMolecular Magnets
Kay HalasekOhio State UniversityTeaching and Outreach
Jyoti KatochCarnegie Mellon UniversityQuantum Materials
Joshua GoldbergerOhio State UniversityQuantum Materials
James McCuskerMichigan State UniversitySpin Crossover
Gilles DoumyArgonne National LabUltrafast X-Ray Spectroscopy
Fengyuan YangOhio State UniversityQuantum Materials
Ezekiel Johnston-HalperinOhio State UniversityQuantum Materials
Enam ChowdhuryOhio State UniversityUltrafast STM
Eli RotenbergLawrence Berkeley National LabNano ARPES
Daniel DePonteSLAC National Accelerator LabLiquid Sheet Development
Cosmin BlagaKansas State UniversityLight Source Development
Chris JozwiakLawrence Berkeley National LabTime-Resolved ARPES
Ara ApkarianUniversity of California, IrvineTime-Resolved STM
Anne Marie MarchArgonne National LabUltrafast X-Ray Spectroscopy