Facility Renovation

Celeste Laboratory ExteriorDevelopment of the NSF NeXUS Facility began with the renovation of more than 2,200 square feet of existing laboratory and mechanical space in the Celeste Laboratory of Chemistry on the Ohio State main campus.

Directed by the NeXUS team and led by Ohio State Facilities Operations and Development, the renovation began in 2020 and proceeded through the Covid-19 pandemic with minimal delays. The renovation was completed in July, 2021.

Key drivers of the Facility’s design include:

User Safety

  • Airlock separates lab from hallway; both require key card to access
  • Laser In Use indicator lights
  • Interlocks allowing hard or soft shutdowns
  • Closed circuit tv in airlock and lab
  • Physically separated control room to isolate users from high-risk areas

Environmental Controls

  • Class 1,000 clean room
  • Temperature control  ± 1˚F
  • Humidity control ± 5% relative humidity
  • 30 air changes/hour
  • Vibrational stability

Support NeXUS System

  • Custom laser table assembly
  • Beamlines separated for vibration isolation; all high-vibration equipment placed outside of lab
  • Raised, poured slab for STM
  • Rough vacuum pumps and gas cylinders located in mechanical spaces – separated from lab
  • Utility drops in the ceiling provide gas, water, electrical, data, and vacuum access at each work station
  • Experiments controllable from beamline end stations (inside the lab) or from a remote control room